Portrait class

Beginning   ~   Intermediate   ~   Advanced


GRADES: 4th and up

Portrait class

COST: $240 per session (3months) $80 per month
MAX: 15 students

Materials kits can be purchased for $30 and are available for pick-up.


This popular class will now be broken into different levels of skill which will allow students the ability and confidence to develop their drawing and rendering skills in portraiture.

Each session will run for three months and materials are included. Students may join higher levels with teacher approval.


Beginning Mondays 3:00-4:00

Students will learn how to draw the head and features of the face, hair, and neck. They will have fun drawing simple portraits with simplified styles and rendering. Some of the mediums will include watercolor, colored pencils, sharpie, pens, and pencil.

Intermediate Wednesdays 5:30-6:45

This class will be an extension of the beginning class but we will be adding sophistication to the anatomy of the face as well as learning how to render features with detail, light, form, and shadows. We will be using the same mediums as in the first session.

Advanced Fridays(beginning next semester)

In this class, we will introduce acrylic painting and color into our portraits and how to draw and paint the head from different views. We will also continue to develop skills with dry mediums.


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