Acrylic Painting Class



GRADES: 3rd and up

Acrylic Painting class

COST: $240 session (3 months) $80 per month
MAX: 15 students

Materials kits can be purchased for $30 and are available for pick-up.


This class will be taught in three sessions with each session lasting three months.

Students will start with the basics of acrylic painting and move into a level of confident skill proficiency and knowledge of this cool medium. Students may enter a higher level with teacher approval.


Beginning  Fridays 10:00-11:00

Students will learn how to create a palette, use different brushes, color mixing, and get familiar with painting. We will also work on basic blending techniques. Projects and subject matter will be fun and the students will look forward to creating them.

Intermediate Tuesdays 4:00-5:15

This class will further develop skills in painting and blending, we will also be working on shadows and form and how to make an object look 3-D. Students will be rendering more complicated images for their projects each week.

Advanced (next semester)

In the advanced class, students will continue to strengthen painting and color mixing skills, learn about light, and add to the complexity of the subject matters being painted. Students will also have the opportunity to come up with their own ideas and together we will turn them into compositions they can paint.


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